Revamping the visual identity of a principal photographer's first impression
I was tasked to design a new business card for Fish Fang, a principal photographer, to mark his new beginning in his career endeavour as a freelancer. The client was looking for a fun and unique business card, something that represents his personality.
The Approach
Oftentimes, a business card plays a crucial role in setting a first impression of a freelancer hence, I decided to play with the concept of 'first impression' for the design. After meeting the client, I took notes of his first impression on me - outgoing, bold and intelligent. 
The Process
I explored with his name 'Fish' when designing the logo which I chose a whale at the end due to the marine animal's symbolism of magnificience and intelligence which alligns perfectly with the client's aura. The whale is simplified to its outer form with line art as to signify the 'first impression' of the client - the business card is just the first form of greeting after all. With more interactions to come, people will fill out the missing forms of the whale just like how they will get to know more about Fish Fang.
On the flipside of the card, I added waves pattern of different tones and shades of blue in reminscient of the client's outgoing personality and the different sides of him as a photographer and individual.

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